About me

I am interested in science, culture, music, history, politics and coffee. I am currently based in Berlin, but I love to travel and see new places. Professionally, I focus on frontend and backend development, performance optimization and machine learning. I have started programming when I was twelve years old  and was  fascinated by letting computers do work for me. After school I went to Cologne University and graduated in 2014 with a diploma (Master level) in Mathematics and Informatics. During my thesis in scientific computing I worked with Fraunhofer Institut and Nvidia on parallelization of algebraic multigrid methods for solving very large linear equations.

This is quite an abstract topic, and when I had finished my diploma I decided to focus on more concrete work. I started developing video games at a small startup and at the same time I recorded my first EP, followed by an album later on and played many tours and festivals all around Germany. After some time I decided to take a position in a small agency as a technical lead in web development. At this company I gathered useful insights that helped me to become freelancer in 2016 and I am very grateful for the support I had there and still have. Right now I am looking for new projects that hold interesting challenges, move me to interesting places and teach me new skills. Let's see what the future holds...

Employers and Contractors

Otto Group

Senior Frontend Developer

As part of a medium size team I worked on multiple online shops for Otto that were successfully relaunched.

Techniker Krankenkasse

Senior Frontend Developer

As part of a team at Vilua Healthcare I worked on the E-Coach web application for the Techniker Krankenkasse. I was one of three frontend developers in a total team of around 10 persons including backend, concept, testing, etc.

Nvidia Corporation

Software Intern Research Department

During my diploma thesis I had the opportunity to work with a research team at Nvidia HQ in California, supporting them with my algorithmic knowledge and the ability to implement it.

Dept Agency

Senior Frontend Developer

As part of the Dept Agency frontend team I developed multiple online shops for Otto Group.

Raguse Scheer

Lead Developer

As experienced full stack developer I took charge of a small team. We developed and maintained several websites and online shops.

Vilua Healthcare

Senior Frontend Developer

As a freelancer I supported Vilua Healthcare on their project of the E-Coach web application for their client Techniker Krankenkasse. I was one of three frontend developers in a total team of around 10 persons including backend, concept, testing, etc.


Consultant & Fullstack Developer

I help modernising internal infrastructure, websites and their connection and integrate novel CRM and marketing tools.

Fraunhofer SCAI

Diploma Thesis

I wrote my diploma thesis at the Fraunhofer SCAI about solving large linear equations on CPUs and GPUs.

The Good Evil


With the Good Evil I planned and implemented several video games in both 2D and 3D. We mainly focussed native iOS and Android apps but also developed web applications.

Ambient Innovation

Fullstack Developer

At Ambient Innovation I built responsive websites using Django.

Cologne University

Student Tutor & Junior Developer

During my time as student I had multiple opportunities to work for the university. I started out as student tutor for Java programming (Informatics), then moved on to Analysis (Mathematics). After this I worked on a web application to collect geographical data.